Costa Rica, El Cedral

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Certified Fair Trade.

A washed bean with tasting notes of Cherry, peach and strawberry with dark chocolate and creamy body.

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Costa Rica – El Cedral

A naturally pulped, washed and patio dried bean, cultivated by the ASOPROAAA association producers in the El Cedral region of Costa Rica. These beans are roasted in-house to produce a coffee with a creamy body, with notes of peach, dark berries and dark chocolate.

ASOPROAAA maintains a social housing project for at-risk individuals in conjunction with the Government of Costa Rica, providing housing solutions for those in dire need. On an environmental front, the group maintains five hectares of protected forest to contribute to oxygen production, water source protection, and offsetting carbon emissions.

Like all our coffee here at Duffin’s, this is a Direct and Fair Trade product; we buy it at well above the World Trade and Seasonally Agreed price to ensure that the produces get a guaranteed annual income, regardless of price fluctuations.

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