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Our Story


  • A friend who happens to be part of Freeman Trading was visiting the Lake District to catch up with mates, after returning from a trip to Peru.
  • He suggested to Steven that roasting coffee would be the perfect new foodie challenge for him.
  • Steven has over 40 years’ experience in the catering and food industry.
  • Searching out a good cup of coffee had always been a priority and now it’s on his doorstep!


  • The coffee story makes for good reading – from Ethiopian dancing goats to the subversive nature of the dark liquid threatening King and Country!
  • Todays café culture began in the 1600’s when the first coffee house opened – and women were banned from them!
  • Changes in attitude towards fairer trading practices so that the farmer and his family, communities and their environment really do benefit.
  • All came across as a great industry to be part of.


  • Steven purchased a domestic roaster and began experimenting in the kitchen.
  • Quickly recognising that he had discovered a new passion and could no longer smoke out the family home – it was time to go roaster shopping.
  • By good fortune a 2 Kg Brazilian roster came up on EBay. It was very rudimentary, resembling a cement mixer with a Bunsen burner underneath.
  • The following months were spent experimenting and drinking a lot of coffee. The orders kept increasing and soon it was time to move up another level.
  • Proudly sitting in the Coffee Den is a 15Kg Giessen Coffee Roaster.
  • Mr Duffins Coffee -Beans Roasted with Love was born.