Breakfast Hamper

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Rise and shine! Perfect for those festive season mornings – send a thoughtful gift to keep a loved one cosy! Each breakfast hamper contains:

  • A 250g bag of our organic Peruvian Tunki coffee
  • Nook Farm’s English Blossom honey


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Gift a good start to the day, with the Duffin’s Breakfast Hamper! A gorgeous pairing of our ever-popular Tunki coffee, with Nook Farm Honey!

Tunki is one of our best-selling beans. With a smooth velvet mouth-feel with a rich chocolate body, mixed with cream and nuts, no wonder it’s popular will all coffee-lovers. Coupled with it’s hints of red berry and orange citrus, we think Tunki is ideal for the festive season. This is an organically grown and patio dried bean – cultivated by the Aymara & Quechua indigenous peoples in the Tambopta Valley of Southern Peru. As with all the coffee at Duffin’s, our Tunki a Direct and Fair Trade product; we buy it at well above the World Trade and Seasonally Agreed price. This ensures that the produces get a guaranteed annual income, regardless of price fluctuations.

In the same way, Nook Farm Honey pride themselves on environmental and socially responsible business practices. They support British bees and British beekeepers, grazing their bees on native wildflowers in North Cumbria. Their English blossom honey is a true taste of the countryside! Nook farm recommend their honey as a sugar alternative, so why not try a spoon in your morning Tunki as well as on your toast…

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