Storm Tea

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Storm tea is a small family business passionate about making delicious and flavorful tea by following ethical and sustainable guidelines.

Storm Tea are English Tea Merchants who:

~ Care about our planet and know that our organic produce protects the land and those who work it.

~ Care about farmers so travel the world to meet the heroes of our trade.

~ Care about great flavour so only select the very best organic ingredients.

~ Care about our bodies so have chosen teas, flowers, spices and herbs that promote good health.

The silky teabags offer the convenience of a tea bag, without compromising the flavours gained through drinking loose tea. Available in packs of 50, maybe a box or foil bag.

Tea drinkers, this is your opportunity to enjoy some organic and exquisite tea.

Select the flavor you want and add it to the basket!


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Weight 150 kg
Whole Camomile Blossoms

We source the finest quality whole blossoms from organic camomile meadows around the world to brew up an elegant, floral and naturally sweet infusion. An ideal bedtime drink – inducing calmness and tranquillity. NATURALLY CAFFEINE FREE
Ingredients: Pure Camomile Blossoms* *Certified Organic

Earl Grey

The Harrington Tea Garden is situated in the Dimbula mountains of Sri Lanka and all the tea that grows there is organic. This fine and flavoursome black tea is infused with extracts of bergamot to create a zesty and satisfying cup of Earl Grey tea.
Ingredients: Black Ceylon Tea* Marigold Blossoms* Natural Bergamot *Certified Organic


It is argued that the world\\'s best peppermint comes from North Africa where drinking tea is a part of daily life for many people. We source our peppermint from an organic farm in Egypt. The flavour is bright and refreshing with natural sweetness and a long, fresh finish.
Ingredients: Dried peppermint leaves * *Certified Organic

Rooibos Indian Chai

The Organic Rooibos comes from South Africa and is enlivened with a chai recipe created by our friends in Sri Lanka. Whole pieces of organic cinnamon, ginger, cloves, nutmeg, cardamom and black pepper, are blended before being carefully combined with the rooibos to create a warm and spicy flavour with hints of nuttiness on the finish.
Ingredients: Rooibos* cinnamon* ginger* cloves* nutmeg* cardamom* black pepper* *Certified Organic

Sri Lankan Lemongrass & Ginger

We work with small holder farmers on the central mountain range of Sri Lanka who grow high quality lemongrass and ginger. Their produce is gently sundried and hand cut before being packed at source for extra freshness. The flavour is bright and warming with a delicious balance between the lemony nuances and ginger bite,
Ingredients: Lemongrass* Ginger* *Certified Organic

Green Tea

Our green leaf tea from the Thotulagalla Tea Garden which is part of the Greenfield Estate in the Uva highlands of Sri Lanka. High up in the mountains the tender young tea leaves are carefully plucked before being steamed and pan fried. The result is a light and pleasing flavour with delicate hints of summer meadows and sweet tobacco.
Ingredients: Green Tea* *Certified Organic

Hibiscus with Rosehip, Apple & Strawberry

Hibiscus is the dominant flavour in this vitamin packed combination of real organic fruit pieces that also includes rosehip, strawberry and apple. The result is a piquant and bright flavour full of heady fruitiness and natural sweetness.
Ingredients: Hibiscus* Apple Bits* Rosehips* natural flavour Strawberry bits * * Certified Organic

Breakfast Tea

A blend of organic black teas from the Jalinga Tea Estate in Assam and the Harrington Estate in Dimbula, Sri Lanka. The Assam component delivers body, strength and rich maltiness while the Sri Lankan tea adds brightness and complexity to the blend. The result is a rich and tasty cup of tea – not neccesarily just for breakfast