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A blend of spices and coffee that can be rubbed into meat.

I like to use this on a Pork Shoulder joint, slow roasted.  Then

make a tasty jus in the roasting tin whilst the meat is resting.


This summers experiment – BBQ Belly Pork. I do like to partly slow cook the belly pork in the oven before finishing on the BBQ, it tenderizes the meat so that it falls apart.

Place the slices in a shallow oven dish. Put the spice rub in a bowl and add any of the following : treacle/tomato sauce/soy sauce/ I like treacle, combine together with sufficient water to cover the meat. Cover with foil or lid and cook @ 180 for at least an hour, (the longer the better) remove the cover and cook for a little longer to reduce the sauce. They can then be transferred to the BBQ to be crisped and finished off – be careful not to burn them!

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