Peru – Taica

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A medium coffee with velvety body.

Orange, maple syrup and dark chocolate.

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Peruvian Taica coffee

The coffee farm is owned by Saul Menor Taica, who owns 4 hectares of land in the San Francisco area of the Huabal district at 1900-2000 masl. Saul has previously owned more land which was planted with cattura (type of coffee beans) however, as he didn’t use fertiliser or compost the yields, gradually the plant health decreased. In response to this falling production, saul sold some of his land and with the money renovated the land with catimor, which he thought would be more beneficial as he wasn’t selling his coffee based on its poor quality. Saul also converted two hectares to pasture land to start raising cattle and plant a number of different cash crops.

Saul was one of the first producer members at falcon to deliver coffee and over the two years he has worked with them he has massively improved his cherry selection which has seen his coffee improve by 4 points. the quality increase has translated into a threefold increase in household income and saul is already renovating his catimor and planting cattura again.

Saul has achieved a medium coffee with a velvety body notes of orange, maple syrup and dark chocolate.

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