“Juicy Gossip” – Bitter sweet, Our signature blend

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A medium-bodied, bitter-sweet coffee, bursting with juicy tart fruit flavours and a dark cacao finish.

The Beans:

Peruvian Tunki


Ugandan Mbata

We also sell all of these as single origins; please see their respective pages for more information.

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Juicy Gossip”

Coffee houses originated in the 1600’s as places where people could meet and socialise, cause merriment and share the latest “Juicy Gossip”!

All of our blends are made up of a majority Peruvian Tunki, our signature bean, providing a deep, smooth chocolate-y base to our coffee. For all of our blends, we then add a unique twist to give them their distinctive characteristics. For our Juicy Gossip blend, this is the Ugandan Mbata and the Inambari bean. We make our blends in an effort to create specific flavour profiles that we think works best; in this case, the Mbata helps to create the distinctive bittersweet flavour we love so much by providing a syrupy, rich sweetness.

For more information on the specific coffee beans in our blends, please refer to their respective page on our website.

Similarly to all our coffee here at Duffin’s, it is a Direct and Fair Trade product; we buy each bean at well above the World Trade and Seasonally Agreed price to ensure that the produces get a guaranteed annual income, regardless of price fluctuations.

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