Guatemalan, La Bolsa – a Natural – Fruity & boozy trifle

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A medium bodied coffee, hibiscus, red fruits and grenadine, orange marmalade and sponge cake.



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Guatemalan – La Bolsa

Finca La Bolsa is situated between two mountains in the Huehuetenango region, Guatemala. With a very stable, humid microclimate, this location gives the beans a very unique profile.

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Our coffee works well in all brewing equipment. Once brewed to your preferred method, pour, sit back and enjoy the flavours from the coffee farmers around the world.

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La Libertad, Huehuetenango




Maria & Renardo Vides, Finca Las Bolsa


Rain Forest Alliance


1500 -1700 masl


Bourbon and Caturra

Roaster Notes

A really super smooth coffee

Origin Notes

Finca La Bolsa was bought by Jorge Vides in 1958, prior to this the land wasn't used for coffee production. Jorge has won a number of awards for his coffee production and his services to the region of Huehuetenango. La Bolsa sits between two mountains,which provide a very stable, humid microclimate. This combined with the limestone rich soils give the coffee a very unique profile, with a rich syrupy body and plenty of malic and citric acidity. Coffee is fermented for between 18 and 24 hrs and is then cleaned of mucilage, graded in channels and soaked overnight.
La Bolsa has a strong commitment to improving social welfare for it's workers and families and to ensuring healthy environmental practises. A school and accommodation are provided on site for all workers and their families. Inga trees are grown for shade and to fix nitrogen in the soil which is essential for plant and cherry growth. In addition there is an extensive composting operation in place to deal with waste using red worms.