Guatemalan, El Patio

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Certified Fair Trade and Organic

A washed bean with tasting notes of blackcurrants and lemon juice, with hints of tamarind with a full, round full body and a tomato-like acidity.


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Guatemalan – El Patio

An organically grown, naturally pulped, washed and patio dried bean, cultivated by the Finca La Bolsa farm in the Huehuetenago region of Guatemala. The farm is run directly by the farm manager and head of coffee Renardo Ovalle and is situated directly next to the patios on which the coffee is dried, hence the name El Patio. The farm is situated between two maintains, providing an extremely stable microclimate that is well adapted to growing coffee; combined with the limestone rich soil, this creates a very unique flavour profile, unlike that of others even from the same region. Coffee Care, a non-profit organisation run in Guatemala, funded the construction of a school and nursery at the farm with fully trained and full time teachers; all workers have access to schooling for their children, with the incentive that for every 5 days of school or nursery attended the family recieves a weekly supply of rice, beans and corn. What this translates to is a farm with high rates of education where children are not forced to work on the farms, which is the sad reality for many coffee farms without the aid of non-profits such as Coffee Care. Find out more at

These beans are roasted in-house to produce a coffee with a rich, syrupy body and a delicate tomato-like acidty, with notes of blackcurrant and lemon juice with hints of tamarind.

Similarly to all our coffee here at Duffin’s, it is a Direct and Fair Trade product; we buy it at well above the World Trade and Seasonally Agreed price to ensure that the produces get a guaranteed annual income, regardless of price fluctuations.

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