Hot Chocolate – Kokoa Collection

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Kokoa Collection is award-winning hot chocolate, with beans sourced

from around the world to reflect the variety of cocoa beans and they’re distinct


Simply dissolve in hot milk and whisk for a delicious cup of hot chocolate or

use for baking and of course just eating!






All our speciality coffee is roasted at Mr Duffins family run roastery located in Staveley, we roast our coffee every week and dispatch our coffee as freshly roasted as possible. You can come see us roasting in the coffee shop on a Tuesday!

What’s in the post?

In your order you will receive your chosen bag of speciality coffee which has been roasted beautifully to perfection.

Brewing our coffee

Our coffee works brilliant in all brewing equipment, however, we always recommend using a brewing ratio of 60g of coffee to 1litre of water, add water and let the coffee bloom its will then begin to slowly extract the best out of the coffee. Pour sit back and enjoy the flavours from the coffee farmers of the world.


All our coffee is sourced from direct links to the coffee farms. In particular we love to showcase our love of Peruvian coffee from our friends at freeman trading who trade with the tribal people of Peru. They pay a great price to them for growing better coffee in a small producer way so that we as small independent roasteries and cafes can offer people something that’s very special and not available at the supermarket.

Family located in staveley

Our business is a family run business in the heart of the lake district in the centre of Staveley. Mr Duffin spends most days roasting the coffee beans to superbness whilst Mrs Duffin and Vanilla spend time perfecting their barista skills.

Additional information

Weight 210 kg
Ivory Coast

White Creamy Vanilla

Venezuela 58%

Smooth Caramel Red Fruits

Ecuador 70%

Classic Balanced Floral

Haiti 75%

Dark Roasted Hazelnuts

Madagascar 82%

Darkest Pure Citrus Fruits

Peru 70%

Organic Fruity Cherry Jam

West Africa 100%

Earthy Spice Full Bodied