Hot Chocolate – Kokoa Collection

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Kokoa Collection is award-winning hot chocolate, with beans sourced

from around the world to reflect the variety of cocoa beans and their distinct


Simply dissolve in hot milk and whisk for a delicious cup of hot chocolate or

use for baking and of course just eating!



Kokoa Collection curate chocolate from all over the world to give customers a variety of flavours to choose from. They specialise in single-origin hot chocolate, which means that the beans are sourced from one specific region – resulting in diverse, delicious flavours with a unique connection to each area. Kokoa Collections carefully sourced beans come from nine different countries so you can enjoy the experience of single-origin hot chocolate and their unique flavours.

Kokoa Collection believes that if they want sustainable cocoa in the future, the farmers need to earn a viable living from their work. The resulting flavours are diverse and delicious with a unique connection to each area. With the exception of our Ivory Coast white chocolate, all of their hot chocolates are vegan. Simply melt the chocolate tablets in either hot milk or a milk substitute of your choice and use a hand whisk or frother to create barista grade hot chocolate at home.

Additional information

Weight 210 kg
Ivory Coast

White Creamy Vanilla

Venezuela 58%

Smooth Caramel Red Fruits

Ecuador 70%

Classic Balanced Floral

Haiti 75%

Dark Roasted Hazelnuts

Madagascar 82%

Darkest Pure Citrus Fruits

Peru 70%

Organic Fruity Cherry Jam

West Africa 100%

Earthy Spice Full Bodied