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January 2021 Opening: Mon – Sat 10am – 4pm

Happy New Year to you all,

As much as we try to be positive and keep moving forward, the reality is that the current situation is slowing us down!

We have decided to advertise reduced hours, so that on those days when business is slow we can go home!

But on the other hand those days when we have plenty to get on with and the lights are on then you are welcome to come in for coffee:)

If you would like to ring and place an order for coffee to collect then call the shop on 01539 822192 or Steven on 07982916463.

Apologies for being like a yo yo but it’s all about survival:)

Eleanor and Steven


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Roasting and open for takeaway.


Just a quick catch up as it’s been a while since i wrote on here.

All decorating has been done for the time being! with slight changes to

the shop in that we are sticking with take away only for the time being. There is a screen

in place and customers hope fully can queue in an orderly and responsible manner!


Roasting has continued with 2 new Single Origins on the table; a Kenyan and a Rwandan.

Although both from Africa quite contrasting in their flavours, the Kenyan is bright with

summer fruits whilst the Rwandan is heavier with black cherries and nutmeg, a reflection of

Lake District summer weather!!


A new addition to the coffee shop is our 12 display ice cream cabinet – made redundant this

summer as no festivals happening. Always a delicious selection from English Lakes and Wallings

including a sorbet on offer.


Mean while Keep Supping

Mr Duffins

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Lockdown life

Hi There,

So we have survived the first round of lockdown- no ill effects thankfully and coffee is finding it’s way to those in need.

We do appreciate your support, buying our delicious Tunki and of course all the other varieties we have on offer.

On that note of our other varieties, this week I have roasted a coffee from El Salvador. This is a new origin for us and I must say I’m well chuffed with the result. The tangerine acidity jumps out of the cup and prickles on the tongue – maybe that’s because it’s grown on a farm located on top of a volcano!!

The Coffee Den has been open on Saturday morning for locals to purchase their weekly prescriptions of coffee, chocolate and cakes. It’s been very reminiscent of times gone by when one did go to the local shops to buy groceries and have a ‘catch up’ with others in the community. The only difference now is that we have to keep our social distance and try not to be fearful that we may catch or pass on the virus.

As we go into another round of lockdown I can no longer put off the DIY jobs that have been accumulating !! After all it is the perfect opportunity to clean and freshen up the paintwork.

Plans are underway to prepare The Coffee Den for takeaway. We will put shielding in place to help protect everybody and implement procedures so that we can all enjoy our favourite tipple again!

Meanwhile, enjoy your homebrews and

Keep Supping

Mr Duffinn

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Chatterbox-Easter comeback

Hi There,

I’m back in the roaster after the Easter Holidays, although it didn’t feel very ‘holidayish’ whilst we are experiencing these reduced working days.

Las Brisas our Colombian coffee has been the most popular recently and will be roasted again this week. Its smooth mellow flavours must be conducive to hanging out at home in a leisurely way!

I have seen an increase in home brewing with stovetops and V60 pour-overs being the favourite methods. I must say a V60 is a clean simple way to make a tasty brew – I usually manage at least 2 cups, that way I can keep an eye on my roasting skills!

For Christmas, I was given a genuine Dowe Egberts coffee grinder and nothing like the present lockdown times to motivate me to get it attached to the wall and in use. It has the perfect grind setting for a V60.

Keep Supping

Mr Duffin

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Chatterbox – March 2020

Hello – here at Mr Duffins we thought it was time to embrace sending a newsletter to our customers. The intention is to keep it brief and update you quarterly. If you do not want to be kept in the loop with the Chit Chat then please unsubscribe at the bottom of the email. 
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for buying our coffee over the years – some of you we see in The Coffee Den when visiting The Lake District, others your names have become familiar!Whilst we are all experiencing these strange times of reduced contact somehow the world needs to keep moving. For as long as we can continue to roast some coffee then we will be able to continue to place orders for green beans with our suppliers and continue to support the farmers it is a long chain of the industry.

New in the roastery we are very pleased to be able to offer this Indian Coffee ‘Ratnagiri’. The estate has been in the Patre family since 1920 following traditional farming practices whilst passing down through the generations. The son, Ashok has a keen interest in speciality coffee and has spent considerable time building up his knowledge after travelling to other origin countries and visiting well-known farms.
This coffee is some of the first ‘speciality coffee’ to come out of India and we love the idea of supporting them. We may be slightly biased having travelled in India and have a passion for the country!  We hope this is the beginning of a new relationship and look forward to further coffees from this farm. By the way,  Ratnagiri is the Hindi name for Pearl Mountains, which conjures up an image of beauty  – so just another attractive quality to the coffee!
Maybe one day Mr Duffin will get to visit and then we can share the photos – in the meantime, there is only our boring label with the beauty inside!

Please bear with me whilst I familiarise myself with Mailchimp and endeavour to produce a ‘glossy’ newsletter!

Keep supping –
Mr Duffins Coffee