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Lockdown life

Hi There,

So we have survived the first round of lockdown- no ill effects thankfully and coffee is finding it’s way to those in need.

We do appreciate your support, buying our delicious Tunki and of course all the other varieties we have on offer.

On that note of our other varieties, this week I have roasted a coffee from El Salvador. This is a new origin for us and I must say I’m well chuffed with the result. The tangerine acidity jumps out of the cup and prickles on the tongue – maybe that’s because it’s grown on a farm located on top of a volcano!!

The Coffee Den has been open on Saturday morning for locals to purchase their weekly prescriptions of coffee, chocolate and cakes. It’s been very reminiscent of times gone by when one did go to the local shops to buy groceries and have a ‘catch up’ with others in the community. The only difference now is that we have to keep our social distance and try not to be fearful that we may catch or pass on the virus.

As we go into another round of lockdown I can no longer put off the DIY jobs that have been accumulating !! After all it is the perfect opportunity to clean and freshen up the paintwork.

Plans are underway to prepare The Coffee Den for takeaway. We will put shielding in place to help protect everybody and implement procedures so that we can all enjoy our favourite tipple again!

Meanwhile, enjoy your homebrews and

Keep Supping

Mr Duffinn