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The Chatterbox; news and views from The Coffee Den.

Plenty of ‘Chit Chat’, anything we want to ‘Shout Out’ about and occassional ‘Juicy Gossip’

Published occassionaly and doesn’t cost a bean!




This was a twist on the traditional salt dough recipe, i just added some used coffee grounds. They added some colour and after a coat of varnish resembled German Christmas biscuits!

1 cup salt, 2 cups each plain flour & coffee grounds. Roll and cut out shapes. Bake at 150 degrees for @ 1 hour or until hard.


Despite our take away cups being compostable, we do like the idea of re-useable cups. They have been manufactured as ethically as possible and in the UK. Designed to fit espresso machines and not to compromise the taste of your drink. There is enough plastic in 20 disposable cups and lids to make one Keep Cup – so if you are a regular take away drinker maybe it’s time to consider a Keep Cup.


It’s taken us a while but finally we have roasted this as a Single Origin – it’s usually found in our ‘Juicy Gossip’ blend. It’s been on sale in the Coffee Den today and the customers have been picking out the flavours; Raisin, Vanilla, Cacao and Tangerine.

Kokoa Selection Treats

Mmmmm these chocolate treats just in from Kokoa are divine. In fact i’ve convinced myself that the beans are actually good for me!

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The Chatterbox;news and views from The Coffee Den.

Plenty of “Chit Chat”, anything we want to “Shout Out” about and occasional “Juicy Gossip”!

Published occasionaly and dosen’t cost a bean !

Orange and Coffee Liquer

I came across this recipe and couldn’t resist trying it out. Very straight forward; orange, coffee beans, sugar and alcohol in a jar and left for a while! No previous experience required, adjust according to taste – and i do keep tasting a sip here and there and have made a few adjustments!

Recipe taken from ‘The Flavour Thesaurus’ by Niki Segnit – great book for cookery enthusiasts.

MANCHESTER COFFEE FESTIVAL – formaly known as ‘Cup North’

We popped down to Manchester and flew back after sampling some fabulous coffees made by fellow northern coffee roasters …. and one or 2 rougue southerners had managed to book a stall too! If you have never been to a Coffee Festival then i reccommend it goes on a ‘to do list’. It’s an ideal way to sample a variety of brews,have a go at ‘Cupping’ and generally just soak up the coffee vibe. There are always lots of other coffee related products to peruse eg milks, chocolate, tea and errrr……. i came home with some peanut butter!!

Early Bird Tickets are on sale now for The London Coffee Festival 12 – 15 April 2018



It will look more like a tree as of 1st December, but you can get the idea! Just a reminder that last posting date is wednesday 20th Dec for Christmas Coffee. More gifty items do keep being added to the shop, the latest being Storm Tea and Gift Vouchers to be used in The Coffee Den.




Just a quick update for those of you who have been following The Coffee Plants. Positioning them on a sunny window sill has brought them on a treat, combined with regular watering! The tallest plant has grown @ 15 cms since April. The dilema now is that they need re potting and should i thin them out? And if that is the case where am i going to put all these plants!!

Ahh Christmas gifts maybe?

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The Chatterbox; news and views from The Coffee Den, plenty of ‘Chit Chat’ anything we want to ‘Shout Out’ about and occasional ‘Juicy Gossip!

First Edition and doesn’t cost a bean – published occasionaly!

The North & North Wales

It’s here the third edition of this great guide book and yes we are in it, page 85! Atkinsons of Lancaster kindly hosted the launch event which we went along to. We did put Abbi’s name forward for the Latte art throw down but she was having none of it – those of you who have been in The Coffee Den are well aware of her artistic milk skills. We have plenty of copies available, either on line or in The Coffee Den.


Craft Chocolate

These bars of chocolate are a feast for the eyes never mind the palate! I am aware of the saying ‘never judge a book by it’s cover’ – but it is the wrapper that i’m drawn to when choosing these bars!! We are slowly tasting them all, either by purchasing a bar ourselves or kindly customers letting us sample their purchases!!. I will be putting a small selection on the web site, for the full range visit []


Having observed unrelaxed customers,twisting and craning some even leaving their seats to make sure that their pride and joy had not been ridden away, i felt it was a good idea to install a bike rack. Feeling the same way about my own pride and joy i could fully sympathise with them.

On the otherhand there is the added bonus of preserving the windows as i watch less carefull riders let the handle bars crash on to the glass!

It blends in rather nicely too with the wall which is why i thought it necessary to draw your attention to it!


Or more accurately called Tiramisu Beer. We were really chuffed to be asked by Hawkshead Brewery if we could supply them with coffee for their new invention. Matt (Hawkshead’s Head Brewer) came along with another from Cigar City Brewing (USA Florida) to do a cupping session to establish which beans would be perfect for the brew.

It’s a strong stout 10%, best drunk cold and in sensible quantities!

It can be purchased from selected independent specialist craft beer shops around the country and Hawkshead Brewery. The last batch didn’t hang around for long,it was immediately shipped to Sweden.