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How Much ?!?!

Pricing …….urghhhh

Get it right happy days, get it wrong and customers will go else where!

The coffee industry can be unpredictable and volatile, susceptible to fluctuations in the weather and the exchange rate which are beyond the coffee drinkers control.  Environmental organisations such as Fair Trade and Rain Forest Alliance  are working hard to  put procedures in place, trying to secure stability and protect the growers and producers.  Read Holly Bowmans blog for an interesting and thorough account of the financial challenges that face the coffee industry.

Once the coffee has arrived at the  Roasters/ Coffee shop/ café it then starts to acru further costs. These are unavoidable in order for business to thrive see  Gareth has given an excellent account on pricing  a cup of coffee. Business ethics and principles vary and this is when the final consumer can make their choice in how they support the industry. Remembering that their cup of coffee is not necessarily a quick fix but an experience too!

To sum it all up very succintly Mcdonalds latest advert  has drawn attention to the Artisan or Craft or Handmade industry which ever it may be (Beer, Bread, Cheese, Chocolate  etc etc) which encompasses passion, dedication, commitment and transparency; and sometimes that is worth paying for!!