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If you would like to sell our coffee we are happy to supply you.

We can provide coffee to the following:

  • Wholesale; cafes ,pubs and restaurants
  • Retail: local spar, farm and deli shops
  • Pop up: one off events, show days and festivals


Leave your email and we will get in touch with you or you can call us on 01539 822192

If you are located in the North of England we may well deliver to your door – otherwise we use a very efficient courier service.


This is all part of the deal – we are here to assist with your queries about equipment, what would suit your premises and follow it up with training for you and your staff.

The Copper Pot  – Ambleside April 2016



# 4 Café – Bowness  Keith and Sandy January 2016

…..” The business had used the same coffee supplier for over 25 years, and it wasn’t a case of being dissatisfied with the service, but we were looking for something….. different. So with most coffee outlets in South Lakes using the same supplier, we just decided that we would break with tradition of using the same supplier as everyone else, and to a certain degree step out into the ‘unknown’.

Having been given a promotional brochure for Mr Duffin’s Coffee over  year earlier, there was something about the branding that appealed to me so I had put it aside for future reference – which I’m so pleased I did.  So a call was made to Steven in order to arrange a meeting, but the timing wasn’t ideal as he was on his way to The County Show where they had a stand, but this proved to be useful as Sandy and I were heading off there ourselves.  So a few hours later we were at the show, tasting the coffee, and our taste buds were suitably delighted!

Steven agreed to meet us at our café with a selection of blends, plus he wanted to see exactly how we were set up to make coffee.  What impressed us most was his eagerness to understand the business and our customers.  I knew instinctively that Steven represented the way forward for our cafe.  Not only did Steven take the time to discuss the likes of our customers, but we spent hours talking about how to get the best out of his beans using the infrastructure that we had in terms of barista equipment and barista experience .  In essence, at last, I had discovered a coffee supplier who understood that the manner in which we treated his beans had a reflection on his produce and what he was trying to sell. So by us getting the best out of his beans, it would ultimately create more customers wanting to choose his coffee.

The only thing is, we hadn’t actually tested the coffee on our customers, so the next step was Steven providing a sample bag of beans.  Without mentioning anything, I put the beans in the grinder the next morning and the first customer through the door was Audrey.  Now Audrey has been coming to our café 3 – 4 times a week for every single one of the 38 years that the place has been trading, and yet all she ever has is a small Americano.  After the first sip Audrey claimed ‘what a lovely cup of coffee’. She then went on to proclaim 5 minutes later ………..look, when have you ever known me drink a whole cup?’.  That was it, we were sold.  If a 92 year old could instantly recognise that she was drinking a quality coffee, that was good enough for us.  And we’ve not looked back since.

Quite simply, not only has Mr Duffin’s Coffee improved the quality of the fare which we provide, but he has also become a valued extension of our business. Not only do we and our customers think that the coffee is fantastic, but Steven never stops coming forward  in terms of ideas for how we can improve.

In terms of what you would expect from a supplier, I cannot therefore recommend Steven and Mr Duffins Coffee highly enough. And if you think that is an over zealous eulogy – well he thoroughly deserves it!”